Tuesday Day Boot Camp Leads to Reduction in Work

Love Boot Camp and what it does for me. But, and this is not the doing of the instructor, sometimes I push hard in Boot Camp and it leaves me with nothing in the tank, sore, or injured for the next run. At Boot Camp, half the group was turned loose to run. No direction, which was fine, just run continuously. After I warmed up, I started dropping in behind faster runners and would hang on their shoulder as long as I could. Some I could hang with for a lap or two, others for 100 yards. Then we did an ab workout with the instrutctor while the other half ran.

Tuesday evening, I started to run from my office to Cooper River Bridge for a hill repeat workout. I didn’t get very far before I realized my adductor was bothersome again. Instead, I drove to the bridge to meet on the Charleston Runs athletes for the hill repeats. I didn’t do the repeats.

On Wednesday morning I was back at the bridge for a group run. I started out with a long warm up before others arrived. Part way up the bridge, I decided that I should walk. I would much rather scale back the effort now than to be forced to scale back or give up the training in September.

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  1. christieruns says:

    Take it easy. I hope it doesn’t turn into something serious.

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