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Do You Drink Water?

Friday, May 1st, 2009

5 Days in MayAs somebody who has exercised nearly every day for the last three years, I’ve consumed a lot of water and sports drinks for recovery during that time. I can’t imagine not having clean water available to me at a moment’s notice.  I whine when it’s not icey cold. Yet, for much of the world, access to clean water is impossible.

Please join me for the first five day in May in drinking just water – and tap water at that. Take the money you save and give it to Water Missions International (WMI). WMI is a local (Charleston, SC) based non profit with worldwide impact and with national support. Learn more about them. They do remarkable work.

Drink water. Make a donation. Save lives. It’s that simple.

Coaching Certification

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

I spent the last two days attending a coaching certification class put on by the Road Runners Club of America ( A lot of really good information. Compared to the things I’ve been doing, I am more conservative in the amount of mileage whereas what they taught is more consrvative in terms of pace. Will I radically restructure my training as I prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon? No, probably not. Will I change what I do? Absolutely – part of my conservative approach is because I want to get to the start line healthy. However, in talking and learning, I’ve learned that I can add some more miles each week, especially if I start counting Boot Camp miles. If I add  the miles, I also need to slow down the pace of some of my runs.

Why would I take such a class? I have found in working with others is that they look to me for advice about their running. These are people that know that I only start training  and working out two years ago. And yet, for some reason, they trust my advice. I want to always give good advice and I feel like this class has given me a huge bump in knowledge that I would not have gained on my own. It has also tapped me into a network of other coaches with whom I can ask advice and refer people to if they are beyond my level of knowledge.

Saturday TBC Workout

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Dave led today. We started out with a mile run to warm up. That always makes me laugh. Six months ago, nobody would have agreed to meet on our own, much less gladly running a mile to warm up.

Today it was soccer. Dave is a really good teacher. Through the years, I’ve stepped on to the soccer pitch with others and once even played in a pick up game. I never have had an idea of what to do. Dave taught me more in 30 minutes about controlling the ball then I’ve ever known. Now, don’t get my wrong – I might not going around looking for a pick up game, nor am I joining a soccer league but I won’t shy away when invited again.

This is what I’ve been looking for in our TBC workouts. Trying different things so that we can all have different physical endeavors in our arsenals.

Quote of the Day

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

At the Riverdogs game after the race:

Well, I see it like this, Greg. You can run faster and farther than me because you train to do it. And you train to run because you like to run. Me – I like drinking beer. So, I train to drink beer. And being able to sit here and enjoy several beers during the game is because I’ve trained myself to drink beer, just like you’ve trained yourself to run long miles.

~Fitty Lub

No Excuses

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Have you ever come up with an excuse for not working out? No more.

What’s Boot Camp?

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Several people have written and asked me about Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a program at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Wellness Center. The class meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-7 am. Mostly calistenics and running.

The class is taught by Marines who are in an enlisted commissioning program. The Marines are great motivators. They are full-time students at the Citadel (they are not cadets but attend classes with them), have their military obligations as part of the Marine unit at the Citadel, and most have families. All of them are Sergeants (E5) and above. All have several years in the Corps and most have been in combat. And yet they take the time to come workout with a bunch of civilians who do jumping jacks like the Iraqi army ( They’re a pretty inspiring group of guys.

Love this Marine recruiting commercial.

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Found this today. Thought it was pretty good.

Getting Rid of Bad Habits

I could understand an elevator …

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

24 Hour Fitness

I skipped my long run.

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

I went to the ArmyNavy game instead for the first time in 23 years. That’s my friend Kurtz on the left.

Kurtz and Greg at the Army-Navy game.

Navy March On 2007

Holiday Eating Tips

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

These come directly from my friends at Advanced Medical Weight Management. Keeping the weight off during the holidays can be troublesome.

  •  Take a small portion – you do not need a large portion.
  • Take only one plate of food.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Between bites, set down your fork and carry on a conversation.
  • When preparing meals, avoid the temptation to taste the food. (note: I would say don’t let your tasting become snacks. I believe you do need to taste what you’re preparing.)
  • Create a plan ahead of time to continue exercising, even when you’re away from your regular plan.
  • On the day of a holiday, eat like you regularly would all day, so that you are not tempted to overeat at the party.
  • When attending holiday gatherings, start by eating some of the healthy offerings such as vegetable sticks and plain chicken pieces.
  • On the days that you really lack motivation, commit to doing just 10 minutes of exercise.
  • You know that are going to be busy so plan ahead. Keep a pack of soy nuts on hand for those long shopping days. (If you don’t do soy nuts, keep a healthy snack around – I always have a meal replacement bar in my car.)
  • Avoid unnecassary calories on alcoholic beverages. If you partake, choose wisely. Instead of a full glass of white wine, try a half glass along with sparkling water.

My tips:

  • Engage people in conversation at the dinner table. You’ll enjoy yourself and can’t stuff your face while you’re talking.
  • Stay well hydrated. It seems to be particularly difficult at this time year. Don’t let your thirst and hunger become confused.